I am a freelance dancer & choreographer from the Netherlands based in Turku, Finland.

After graduating from the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, the modern dance department, I moved to Finland and started my career as a dancer/ choreographer there. After years of changing rehearsals spaces and performing places in Helsinki, Turku, Cuba, Indonesia and other places, I finally settled down in Turku, Finland, where we founded our own theater and rehearsal studio, Barker Theater. I have been dancing, performing and choreographing since 1985 and have been producing my own productions which have been performed in Barker Theater and elsewhere.

In my choreographies I like to mix different art forms and disciplines.

I find it a challenge to mix unusual combinations of people and their works. For many years I have been working with live music. Many well known musicians in Finland and abroad have been participating in my pieces. Also visual artists, actors and new circus artists have been joining my choreographies.

My movements have a strong emotional grounding in every day life and are a mixture of my background in martial arts, acrobatics and modern dance techniques.

Although my pieces are choreographed, I do like to improvise movements within a set structure. Therefore I do leave some parts in my pieces open to improvisation. I usually work with freelance dancers, some of them returning regularly in my productions.

Welcome to my website and feel free to contact me for more information about me and my work.