I am a Dance artist. Living in Turku, Finland.

I graduated from the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, modern dance department in 1984 and moved to Finland in 1989. I work as a freelance dance artist & choreographer.I mainly perform and choreograph my own works. In 1997 my colleagues and I founded the Barker theater, the stage for independent dance artists in Turku, Finland, where we perform new dance performances.

In my works I like to mix dance with live music, visual arts and other art forms.

My works have a strong emotional grounding in every day life, and situations I come across. I often work with live music and the relation with music is a very important source of inspiration to me. My way of working connects easily with the working methods of jazz musicians and therefore many of my works are having jazz improvisation as a strong element besides dance. I have had several international cooperations/ collaborations, and worked with artists from Finland, the Netherlands, France, Slovenia, Norway, and Indonesia.

I have been working with dance in different countries .

In Cuba, I joined dancegroup Gestos Transitorios, in Sumatra, Indonesia, i performed with the dance group Saayung Salangka. In the early 90s I also joined several projects in Holland, and performed in several pieces from other choreographers. Besides performing in Barker theater, I have performed in Madrid, Manchester and other places where I performed solo works and group choreography. In Finland I joined productions from dance theater Mobita (Tampere), dance theater Hurjaruut (Helsinki) and joined productions from freelance dance artists in Helsinki. Since 2005 I perform my own choreographies and add freelance dancers to my productions from Finland and abroad.