KÅNKEN Phase3 #Coincidences

  • Choreography and dance SweetDreams Kollektiv (Marjan Raar & Linda Björkqvist)
  • Lights Antton Kainulainen
  • Opening night 14.10.2019 Barker-Theatre ( Stretch festival Turku)

RAW- a kind of fairytale

  • Choreography and dance Marjan Raar
  • Lights Jukka Haataja
  • Picture Reino Koivula
  • January 2019 Barker-teatteri Turku

Tuntematon Tanssija

  • A choreography for 3 dancers.
  • Dancers : Kaisa Koulu, Linda Holmström , Marjan Raar. Light design Antton Kainulainen.
  • Opening Night 5.12.2017 at Barker-teatteri in Finland

Hoogtij / Hightide

  • A solo dance by Marjan Raar in cooperation with Kunsthal45
  • Created and performed in Den Helder, the Netherlands in January 2017.

City Spheres Turku

  • A solo dance created for the opening of the exhibition from painter Baukje Spaltro`s project City Spheres.
  • Dance and choreography Marjan Raar
  • Concept Marjan Raar and Baukje Spaltro
  • Picture Cor Jabaaij
  • Performed at Gallerie BMB Amsterdam, September 2017


  • By Marjan Raar & Baukje Spaltro
  • Dance: Linda Holmström, Kaisa Koulu, Nina Renvall, Marjan Raar
  • Painter : Baukje Spaltro
  • Lights and design : Arttu Aarnio

SPHERES premiered in Barker Theater on October 26th, 2016.


    Choreography and concept: Marjan Raar
  • Soloist: Marjan Raar
  • Alter ego and soloist: Linda Holmström
  • Light design: Arttu Aarnio
  • Music: Muziekfabriek & others
  • Marketing: Barker Teatteri
  • Pictures: Jesper Dolgov

Opening night friday 13.11 at 19.00 2015


    A remake for one dancer.
  • A co-operation of choreographer Marjan Raar, graphic artist Veronika Ringbom and video artist Anikó Kuikka
  • Dance: Linda Holmström
  • Pictures, lights and sound: Jesper Dolgov
  • Lights and pictures Jesper Dolgov

Opening night 16.5.2015 Performed in Barker Theater Finland

Into another dimension

  • Choreography: Marjan Raar
  • Dance: Linda Holmström, Marjan Raar
  • Pictures, lights and sound: Jesper Dolgov
  • Lights and sound: Jesper Dolgov
  • Pictures Hannes Lindman

Opening night 11.01.2015 Performed in Barker Theater and at Aurinkobaletti Turku Finland

Falling Free into another dimension

  • Choreography: MArjan Raar
  • Live music: Andy Fite
  • Dancers: Linda Holmström, Katariina Gonzalez, Solveig Ekholm, Sussanne Montag-Wärnå, Marjan Raar.
  • Actress: Ulla-Britt Boström
  • Video: Christina Grönholm
  • Lights and sound: Jesper Dolgov
  • Pictures Hannes Lindman

Opening night 3.12.2014 Teater Piug Pargas Finland

Öde / Abandoned

A solo dance about loneliness.

Opening night friday 5.4. 2013 at 19.00 at GALLERISALEN Gillesgården, Aurakatu 1G inner yard Turku. Performed again autumn 2013.

  • dance and choreography Marjan Raar
  • assistance choreography Pia Karaspuro
  • clothes & design Marjo Haapasalo
  • light design Bror Österlund
  • technics Robert Wikberg
  • video Marjan Raar

The Windwhisper / Vindviskare

The Windwhisper / Vindviskare is a performance in which dance, graphic art and video art are integrated in a 45 minutes long performance. Marjan Raar dances 3 different solos, combined with video projections by Anikó Kuikka who captured Veronika Ringbom´s graphic art works.

The Windwhisper/ Vindviskare is a production which can be performed in small galleries, theaters, schools and is now performed for students and schools. Wind Whisperer/Vindviskare is a package that can be ordered during the season 2010-2012.

  • Choreography and dance: Marjan Raar
  • Graphic art: Veronika Ringbom.
  • Video art and design: Anikó Kuikka.
  • Opening night 19.4.2010 Turku.

On the Road

  • Choreography Marjan Raar
  • Dance: Marjukka Erälinna, Antti Kulmala, Kaisa Koulu and Claude Aymon.
  • Video: Hidde Goinga
  • Lights: Tommi Hinkkanen, Marko Erälinna.
  • Pictures from On the Road by Thomas Söderström.

On the Road premiered in Barker Theater on february 4, 2011.

House of Sand

House of Sand is the first production of Marjan Raar in Turku and c2a Dance Company from Marseille. A solo created for dancer Claude Aymon, in which choreographer Marjan Raar is exploring the physical and mental challenges which occur when aiming for a whole life story in limited time. House of Sand is a choreography in which fantasy and reality are slightly in chaos.

Opening night december 2009, Barker Theater


  • Choreography Marjan Raar
  • Dance: Maija Reeta Raumanni and Marjan Raar
  • Actress: Ulla-Britt Boström
  • Music: Veli-Pekka Teittinen
  • Video: Robert “Boffen” Wikberg
  • Photography: Hannes Lindman
  • Lay-out, graphics and web: Sebastian Österlund
  • Lights: Jori Koskinen
  • Producer: Katri Muhonen
  • Production: Pikinini Meri, Marjan Raar.

Kaboom is a dance performance mixed with text, sound and video which brings you in a world where the restless souls are ruling. A dance piece which is on the move, which travels forward and which leads to new places and situations. Performed in Barker theater.

Urban Dance Things

A choreography for a young audience. I made this piece for 3 dancers and a dj. The dancers were representing 3 generations of dancers.

  • Dance: Kaisa Koulu, Melissa Petters, Marjan Raar
  • Music and dj: Jean-Philippe Barrios, lights Jori Koskinen and producer Katri Muhonen.
  • Performed in Barker theater.

Your place in the world part 2

A choreography for 2 dancers and 2 musicians.The music was performed and composed Peter Urek from Slovenia on piano and Jo Fougner Skaansar on dubble bass from Norway. Your place in the world part 2 was a co-production with the Regional Dance Center of Western Finland. Dancers : Kaisa Koulu and Jean-Philippe Barrios, lights Jori Koskinen and producer Hanna Suurhasko. Performed in Manilla theater in Turku.

Your place in the world part 1

A solo dance performance together with piano player Peter Urek from Slovenia, which became a duet with him while working on it. The clothes were designed and made by Sonja Eriksson and Kirsi Vainikainen. Lights design by Antti Helminen. Performed in Barker theater , Finland.

Building Bridges

An international cooperation with music venue Le Moulin in Marseille in which I combined a music /performing group with a Finnish dance group and visual artist. Building Bridges was performed by the band Aixinki and dancers Sanna Korhonen, Päivi Mäki, Kaisa Koulu and myself.Graphic artist Veronika Ringbom added her works of art to the performance. Building Bridges was made in cooperation with the Regional Dance Center of Western Finland.


A choreography with dance,music and texts.A work about tolerance and non tolerance. actress Ulla -Britt Boström with texts on tolerance.Dance Marjan Raar. Live music from Niklas Winter and Toni Porthén. Performed in Barker Theater and in the Hangö teaterträff festival in Hanko , Finland.

Symphony (its just a matter of arranging it...)

An improvised event in Barker Theater with dancers and musicians from all over Finland. An hilarious event, with no boundaries and no rules and regulations. Many freelance dancers and musicians in Finland have been taking part in this event. Performed in Barker theater and showed in Hangö Teaterträff, a festival in southern Finland.

Silent Waters

A choreography with musicians Niklas Winter , Jeroen van Vliet and André Sumelius and dancers Niina Airaksinen and myself performed in Barker Theater. A second version was performed with musicians Sakari Kukko, Severi Pyysalo and André Sumelius.

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